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Supergato Sponge Cake Red Velvet
Complete red velvet sponge cake mix for superior cake quality and great versatility.
Satin Cream Cake Red Velvet
Red Velvet cream cake mix for superior cake quality and great versatility.
Cremyvit is a custard cream mix, quick and easy to prepare using only cold water.
Ready to use cold glaze cakes and mousses. Gives a perfect gloss. Available in neutral, chocolate, caramel and strawberry flavours.
Cake gel (aerating agent) to improve the freshness and overall quality of your sponge cakes.
Puratos Topping
Ready-to-use topping with a perfect stability, taste, and texture.
Puratos Sugar Paste
Ready-to-use sugar paste to cover and decorate cakes.
SuperGato Sponge Cake Concentrated
Concentrated Sponge cake mix that allows you to prepare traditional and trendy cakes.
Satin Cream Cake Vegan
Satin Vegan cream cake mix with vanilla flavour for superior cake quality.
Satin Cream Cake
Cream cake mix for superior cake quality and great versatility. Available in Vanilla and Chocolate flavours.
Puratos Baking Powder
Leaving agent used in pastry application.
Powder whipping cream with great value for money.
Olix releasing agent
Olix is a vegetable oil based releasing agent
Pantera is an all purpose bread improver specially designed for Ethiopian recipes and processes.
Carat Cocoa Powder
Carat Cocoa Powder is fat reduced and ideal for flavoring and coloring patisserie and chocolate applications
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