Industrial Patisserie Competence Center

A centre of excellence

At Puratos, it is clear and obvious that industrial customers have very different needs to artisans, foodservice companies and supermarkets. That is why the Industrial Patisserie Competence Centers (IPCCs) were established, offering industrial patisserie producers fully-equipped test centres dedicated to technological innovation and process optimisation.

Located in 11 countries, the IPCCs help customers from all over the world by providing them with all the facilities and tools they need to boost their patisserie business.


One of our main focuses at the IPCCs is research. We always make sure we are up-to-date with the latest patisserie trends and spend a great deal of time and energy conducting ground-breaking research into patisserie ingredients, interactions, processes and – in conjunction with equipment manufacturers – technologies. As a result, visitors of the IPCCs have a wealth of expertise at their disposal.


At the IPCCs, collaboration with our customer is key. This combined expertise enables to develop new finished goods and concepts, discover new ingredients, and reflect on how to optimise their production lines. Our state-of-the-art facilities also allow customers to trial potential solutions in a test environment before adopting them on their own production lines.


The IPCCs provide the perfect setting for training on an industrial production line. Boasting a range of pilot equipment set in a realistic production environment, the IPCCs offer customers and affiliates a chance to train in the most useful way possible.


The IPCCs are supported by a global team of technical and R&D managers and advisors who are experts in industrial application and processes. Not only do they provide a high degree of expertise to customers on premises, but they also visit our patisserie customers to ensure they have industry-leading support on their own production lines.

If you would like more information on the IPCC, please visit our Contacts page.