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Cacao-Trace is the only sustainable cocoa sourcing programme that redefines the standard for chocolate.

At Puratos we are committed to a sustainable future for chocolate. What sets our sustainable cocoa sourcing programme apart, is that our main focus is on taste and creating value for everyone, from the cocoa farmers to your customers, through taste improvement. The proof of the programme is in the tasting, and in the improved quality of life for cocoa farmers..

Expert fermentation for better tasting chocolate

Traditionally in chocolate, different qualilty cocoa beans are bulk-blended to get a standardized quality and taste. This is where Cacao-Trace takes a different approach. Cocoa beans are selected for their character and their quality is carefully checked. Years of research have led us to redefine the criteria for fermenting our beans. As this process is key in chocolate taste development, this makes the difference between an average or superior quality. This is why our beans are fermented in post-harvest centres under the supervision of highly trained experts. They oversee that the natural taste potential of the beans can fully develop and can eventually be expressed in the final chocolate. By adapting the fermentation criteria, it even allows them to adapt the flavour from the same beans to personal preferences.

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Why better quality pays off for farmers

More than any other programme, Cacao-Trace benefits the cocoa farmers. By working side by side, Cacao-Trace empowers cocoa farmers in Ivory Coast, Vietnam, The Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Mexico to obtain the highest possible income and to manage their plantations with greater autonomy.

In combination with training, fair and predictable payments, Cacao-Trace cocoa farmers receive an additional premium linked to the quality of their cocoa beans. Delivering wet beans to the post-harvest centres instead of fermenting and drying themselves, gives cocoa farmers also more time to spend on any other activities on their plantation. On top of the quality premium, cocoa farmers receive an additional Chocolate Bonus for every kilo of Cacao-Trace chocolate that is sold. This often adds up to the equivalent of an extra month's salary for them.

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Become part of the Cacao-Trace community

Cacao-Trace is far more than simply a programme or a brand. It's an entire community which stretches from the cocoa plantation to chocolate fans around the world, all united by the belief that a focus on taste is the only way to sustainable chocolate. You and your customers can have a direct, positive impact on the lives of our cocoa farmers by choosing Cacao-Trace and sharing the Chocolate Bonus with them.

Our Cacao-Trace chocolate collection consists of Belcolade, Carat and Chocolanté, which offer you the finest quality chocolate for every imaginable application. We can, of course, also create a chocolate specifically to your requirements.

Contact your local Cacao-Trace representative via the link below to discover just what Cacao-Trace can do for you.

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Cacao-Trace products



Belcolade, the real Belgian chocolate, is produced exclusively in Belgium following a long tradition of craftsmanship, quality and refinement.



Carat offers a range of great-tasting compound chocolates as well as a variety of delicious fillings based on cocoa and nuts.



Only the finest cocoa beans are selected to make the 100% cocoa butter that gives pure Chocolanté chocolate its undeniably wonderful taste.

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