Game on: 6 playful ideas to engage with the upcoming Olympic Games

15 May 2024

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In just a few weeks’ time, the 33rd Olympic Games will take place in Paris, France. From July 26 until August 11, 2024, the biggest and most prestigious sports event in the world is expected to host 10,500 competing athletes, attract more than 15 million visitors to the city of Paris and will excite billions of viewers from all across the globe. How do you join in on the buzz and excitement?

These 6 tips will help you boost your business, wherever on the globe you are.







Do’s & don’ts when catching on the Olympic Games

Let's start with a legal note. There are many rules regarding what’s allowed related to commercial expressions around the Olympic Games. The trademarks, slogans, and symbols of the Olympic and Paralympic Games may only be used under very strict conditions by the official sponsors of the Games or national teams. Commercial use by individuals and companies is not allowed. Olympic committees strictly ensure that these rules are not violated. 

What that means is that you cannot just sell a macaron with the Olympic rings printed on it, use the Olympic Games logo on your packaging, or promote a limited edition of your product as 'Olympic…' on social media.

The following are not allowed*:

  • Using symbols and images that include the Olympic rings.

  • Using symbols and images with Olympic associations, such as the mascots, the Olympic flame, and the Olympic venues.

  • Using Olympic terms in your texts, such as Olympic Games, Summer and Winter Games, Olympic, Olympic champion, Olympiad, Paris 2024

  • Using the Olympic motto: “Faster, Higher, Stronger - Together” / “Citius-Altius-Fortius”

  • Using hashtags with these words

*For a complete overview of what is and is not allowed, check the official website.


Don’t feel discouraged after seeing that list, there are still plentiful opportunities for your business to ride the Olympics wave. You just need to be thoughtful and creative. 

Here are 6 tips to join the game:

1. Spark sporty vibes

Go wild with decorations!

Create seasonal specials shaped like popular Olympic sports equipment. Why not shape your pastries to resemble a sports court, create cookies in the shape of swimming goggles or hockey sticks, or have cupcakes, cake pops or lollipops in the form of soccer balls, basket balls or tennis balls. You can also shape your baked goods into medals, that’s what The Hershey Company has done with their REESE'S Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Medals in support of Team USA. And why not outfit some of your eclairs or other glazed items with a gold, silver or bronze icing, to create a winning mood? 

Take some time for a mind experiment to explore ways to give your existing offering an Olympic twist. Imagine which items already spark a sporty association, albeit in size, form or color. Think of matching colors for instance. Can you create a red velvet cake to resemble the pattern of an Olympic athletics oval, by changing the layering or the icing on top? Or can you create a carrot cake, with icing to form the court lines to resemble a gravel tennis court?

2. Make it a game

Exploit the group phase

During the European Football Championship, a Dutch baker came up with ‘group phase-pastries’ for when the Dutch national team was playing. For every game in the group phase, the baker created limited-edition square cakes that were all outfitted with a special chocolate decoration on top that showed a possible score. For every match, there were 24 different varieties on sale, each with its own unique score prediction. The cakes would sell out for every single match. The customer that bought the cake with the winning score, could return to the shop, showing the chocolate decoration as proof, and receive a prize. 

3. Support your local heroes

Add a pinch of national pride

More than at any other sports event, Olympic athletes are cheered by their local communities. Consider decorating your pastries or cookies with your country flag or –  for important match days for team sports – that of your opponent to spark a healthy form of rivalry. French macaron maker Fauchon did just that when they created cassis-flavored macarons, topped with a white-chocolate Union Jack flag for the 2012 London Olympics. Chips Ahoy! Cookies came in a special Team USA version for the Tokyo Olympics, loaded with patriotic red, white and blue colored candy chips.

If there is an athlete from your town, city or region competing in the games, make sure to show some love for your local hero. Depending on the type of sport that he or she is competing in, you can develop an athlete-themed specialty product. However, be thoughtful about using a sportsman’s image or name in your promotions, as this is also strictly bound to rules.

3. Alcoholic drinks inspired creations

Make your display Instagrammable

Around festive days, such as Christmas, Easter or Valentine’s Day, bakers worldwide go all the way in decorating their displays and shop windows. But there is also an opportunity to create stopping power with the Olympic theme. Why not transform your windowsill, shop window or facade into an Olympic oval, gymnasium or swimming pool. Once customers cross the threshold of your store, make sure to follow up on the theme for more impact. Make it colorful, dynamic and Instagrammable to make it the talk of the town. Add moving elements, like miniature athletes swinging back and forth, to enhance the excitement, especially for children.

  5. Take on the city

Embrace Paris’ elegance 

Everybody loves Paris. The city of light has long been a source of inspiration for many artists. Play a tribute to the host city of the Olympic Games by using some of the landmarks of Paris as decoration or on packaging. Think of iconic places, characters and buildings, such as Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Sacré Coeur, Louvre or Moulin Rouge. Chocogram offers a From Paris With Love chocolate gift set that includes chocolate Eiffel Towers, croissants, waffles and French flags.

6. Capitalize on French classics

From staples to regional specialties

What better time is there to temporarily expand your product range with some unexpected French classics on your menu? Turn to typical French evergreens or embrace some regional specialties during the Olympics. In each category – bread, viennoiserie, patisserie, cookies, sandwiches – there is an immense diversity of delicious options to explore. 

For the athletes eating in the Olympic Village, renowned French chef Amandine Chaignot, created a recipe that combines the iconic croissant with typical French flavors and ingredients such as artichoke puree, poached egg, a bit of truffle and cheese. How French can you go?

Bakery and patisserie inspiration

Want to develop your own creation with a French twist? Get inspired by these iconic dishes: 

Pain de Campagne




Pain aux noix

Tarte Tatin

Opera cake





Le Merveilleux


Tarte Tropezienne:

Luxury culinary experiences that collide fashion and food

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